Hemcheck Health Economic Analysis




The analysis is not including all societal costs and the suffering that patients and relatives may experience as a result of the problems caused by hemolysed blood tests.

  • Based on measured sensitivity and specificity in our performance evaluation and a cutoff value for hemolysis of 50 mg/dL.
  • Based on that all blood samples are tested and all identified hemolysed samples can be replaced with blood samples free from hemolysis.
  • Based on estimation of cost for pre-analytical errors from S. F. Green, “The cost of poor blood specimen quality and errors in preanalytical processes,” Clin. Biochem., vol. 46, no. 13–14, pp. 1175–1179, Sep. 2013.
  • Based on a delay of 60 minutes for retake of blood samples due to hemolysis.


Total reduced patient length of stay

Hemolysed blood samples discovered in time

Total cost savings per year with Helge*

Cost savings per test with Helge*

Potential cost savings with Helge

Total cost for hemolysis with and without Helge per year (EUR)