Ivoclar Direct Restorative Workflow

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This overview shows the individual treatment steps for the conventional 2-mm technique and 3s PowerCure 4-mm technique.

Conventional 2-mm technique3s PowerCure 4-mm technique
EtchingTotal-etch techniqueSelf-etch technique
BondingSyntac®, HeliobondAdhese® Universal VivaPen®
Light curing10 seconds (1,200 mW/cm²)3 seconds (3,000 mW/cm²)
Filling2-mm composite material4-mm composite material
ContouringStandard instrumentOptraSculpt®
Light curing10 seconds (1,200 mW/cm²)3 seconds (3,000 mW/cm²)
Finishing / ShapingStandard instrumentStandard instrument
PolishingAstropol® F & Astropol® POptraGloss®
Estimated annual savings¹
99 hours
12 working days
24 850 EUR

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