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This app was created in Excel and uploaded to Molnify as an app. The purpose of the app is to demonstrate what a valutaion model in Excel could look like when uploaded to Molnify as an app. The data in this app is made up (actually by using =RANDBETWEEN in Excel) for demo purposes and so are all company names.

Start by clicking the Your information tab and fill out your company contact info and after that, move on to the Saas tab. Here you can input your turnover for 2016, 2017 and 2018. This will give you an indicative valuation.

Then, check or uncheck the boxes to let the app know if you for instance have reached break even. By doing this, you valuation will change.

After all data is entered, you can e-mail the valuation to any one you want by entering the recipients e-mail address in the Your info and clicking Send valuation. You can also save your valuation in the app by clicking the blue diskette icon which is located at the top left of the app.

This app was created in Excel using basic Excel formulas and uploaded to Molnify as an app. It could quickly be modified with other calculation logic, but also other logo, colors and fonts. The complete app took from start to finish about an hour to create.

To receive a copy of the file used to create this app, simply send an e-mail to saying 'I would like the file' and we will send you the file in within 24 hours. If you want to upload your own Excel file as an app, please visit Molnify and register a free trial account.




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